Book Review – The Bay Observer ~ Canadian Mystery Reviews ~ by Don Graves

“Author R. J. Barnett tells an energy packed tale of historical fiction that features the rapid rise, sudden fall and harrowing escape from death of an emerging Nazi German star, Major General, Reinhart Adler.  The story feels real supported by the setting and the pacing. This page turner moves from romance, intrigue to abuse of power from both sides of this WWII conflict.

The pervasive edges of the story brims with the depth of Nazi depravity, the twists and turns of Allied action in Canada and the post war desperation to avoid justice.

General Adler lives a charmed life knowing how and when to use the network to enhance his rise.  He delivers and welcomes more.  A swift change of fortunes finds Adler in Quebec’s Citadel interrogated by the Allies.  His colleagues are murdered by the Reich and Adler, narrowly escaping death, begins his transformation.  The ending is a satisfying hurrah and the ex-general gets another shot at chance and choice.”


Book Review – The Hamilton Spectator ~ by Emma Riley

“Burlington resident R.J. Barnett has crafted an action-packed work of historical fiction that follows Reinhart Adler, a Nazi general who suffers a horrific setback in the tensest moments of the Second World War. On the eve of his wedding to the love of his life, Adler learns that the German high command wants him dead – a situation he quickly decides to try to turn to his advantage. A story of intrigue, romance and terror, Adler’s hair-raising journey through the always-shifting global chaos showcases Barnett’s knowledge of the intricacies of the Second World War.


Burlington Author holds Book Signings – The Burlington Post ~ Metroland Media

“Burlington resident and author Jim Barnett, and his wife Linda, held two recent signings in Burlington for his book Maybe: A Life of Choice and Chance. With a rising German soldier as it centerpiece, the book brings to life the world of battlefields, torture and deception during a period of turmoil in WWII.”

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