Maybe a life of Choice and Chance

“Nazi Germany’s rising star general, the brilliant and driven Reinhart Adler, in tensest moments of WWII

And on the eve of his wedding to the love of his life, suffers a horrific setback and becomes a pawn in the always shifting goal chaos.

“What you are telling me is that the German high command wanted me dead…”

But maybe, he can turn the situation to his advantage.

A story of intrigue, romance, and abject terror. Experience Adler’s hair-rising journey through the bedlam of WWII politics as he plots his revenge on those who took away all that was clear to him.


  1. “When I started reading the book – I was taken away with the story and the meticulous detail and research that was put into the story to make it pop off the page”…Anthony R.
  2. “Just finished reading Maybe. Well done! Once I started reading the book, I could not put it down, easy read, easy to follow and good story”…Robert C.

Book Signing

R.J. Barnett , the author of the book “ Maybe “ signing his book at Roseland Country Club in Burlington , Ontario.

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